Riley | Abbotsford newborn photographer

Abbotsford Newborn Photographer – Most newborn photographers will say that you have to bring your baby in under 14 days old to be photographed. I used to be one of them. But then I realized it really doesn’t matter how old your ‘newborn’ is as long as they were still small enough to curl up into a little ball. Some babies are born early and some are born overdue. Some babies are gassy, have reflux, muscular stiffness or generally just don’t like to be touched or put down whatever their age. All we can do as a newborn photographer is try our best to create beautiful images for our clients. Little miss Riley here was 30 days old when we finally got her into the studio. She was born 5 weeks earlier than expected and due to my busy schedule and the crazy snow storm Vancouver experienced, we had no choice to wait until she was a month old. I’ll be honest and I did have apprehensions about how well her session would go, but let me tell you, she slept and posed far better than most of the 7 days old I have had lately. Not to mention how adorable she looked in every colour I put her on. Here are some of my favourite images from her session which was really hard to choose from as I loved them all.