What to bring to your newborn photoshoot

Written by Charlotte Gamache

October 25, 2021

What To Bring To Your Newborn Photoshoot

Top 5 things to bring to your newborn photoshoot.

1. Receiving blankets

I always ask my clients to bring at least four or five receiving blankets to their newborn photoshoot. I like to use the blankets to keep baby cosy and covered while I’m posing. I find that if a blanket has a scent from home on it that baby is more likely to settle into a pose if they are covered with the blanket while I’m adjusting them. I also use the blankets to clean up any baby messes instead of using a cold wipe that could disturb them from sleeping.

2. Pacifier

I know most clients don’t like to give their newborn a soother but I find it can help settle a baby into a pose even if they suck on it for a few seconds. A pacifier can make or break a session and if your baby just needs a little help to settle, then a soother will greatly help as apposed to us having to pass baby back to mum to soothe. It will immensely help during the newborn photoshoot so I highly advise bringing one. Even if you throw it out at the end of the session. I find these avent newborn pacifiers are great to use

3. Extra bottles of milk

If you are bottle feeding whether it be pumped breastmilk or formula I do recommend bringing an extra bottle or two incase it’s needed. I do ask that my clients feed their baby right before they leave to come to the newborn photoshoot but sometimes baby may need a top up half way through. This can be a tricky one if you are exclusively breastfeeding but if you are open to using a pumped bottle during the session I highly recommend it.

4. Wipes and diapers

I feel like this is a given, but I have had clients show up for a session without these items before. So I do remind clients to please bring extra wipes and diapers with you so that your baby gets to leave the photoshoot in a fresh, clean diaper.

5. Spare change of clothes for Mum and Dad

Most of my clients want to include family photos towards the end of their session. I do provide suggestions on wardrobe, however it’s better not to arrive at the studio already dressed just incase baby has a little accident on you during a feeding break or cuddle break. If during the family portion of the session, your baby decides that that would be the perfect time to let everything out on, you really don’t want to be driving home with a poop stained shirt on. So an extra shirt and even pants is recommended to bring.

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