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Written by Charlotte Gamache

Baby Milestone Photography in Vancouver

I’m often asked “when is the next best age for baby portraits after the newborn stage?’ Well, in my personal opinion, I feel the next best age is around six months or when your baby can start sitting up on their own. We refer to this as Baby milestone photography. Once your little one is able to sit up unsupported, it will give us more options to get a wonderful gallery of images for you with a variety of cute expressions.

I have a large selection of adorable baby outfits that you are welcome to use during your baby’s milestone session. I also include a variety of photography props for your baby to sit (or stand) in that will create some timeless images.

The session focuses on capturing natural, timeless photographs of your baby to document all of their gorgeous details and their amazing new skills – whether that’s rolling, sitting, crawling or even walking. Just be prepared for a workout should your baby be on the move by the time the photoshoot rolls around.

Each milestone session also allows time for family and sibling photographs too. I like to do these at the beginning to allow time for your baby to warm up to me, especially if they are a little camera shy.

It is best to reach out to book your baby’s photoshoot when they are around 4 months old so that we can ensure there is room in the schedule for when they do turn sic months, and that there is enough time to plan the perfect session for you.

If you are interested in booking your baby’s milestone shoot with me feel free to contact me here

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