Top 5 things to prepare for your maternity photoshoot

I know booking a maternity photoshoot can feel overwhelming. Especially when you are unsure of what you need to bring with you. Don’t worry, I have you covered in the below lists of things you need to do to prepare for your maternity photoshoot.

1. Nude coloured underwear

I advise my clients that it’s best to bring with them a skin coloured thong or g-string and strapless bra. Some of the maternity gowns are form fitting and so we want to ensure we see minimal underwear lines or brightly coloured underwear showing through. A strapless bra will work with most of the dresses so we can avoid trying to hide bra straps

2. Nipple covers

Another thing to prepare for your maternity photoshoot is to bring nipple covers. This may sound funny, but nipple covers are your best friend during your maternity session. If I am wrapping you in fabric or creating any implied nudity images, then nipple covers are a great way to hide any ‘bits’ so it’s easier for me to photoshop later on. La Vie En rose sells great nipple covers and you can find them here:

3. A fresh mani and pedi

Nobody likes chipped nail polish and I’m not a fan of editing it out either. So take the time to get pampered just before your session with freshly painted nails. I recommend choosing a colour that is more on the softer, neutral side as apposed to bright and sparkly.

4. Hair & Make Up

If you want to feel absolutely amazing and beautiful during your maternity photoshoot when I highly encourage getting your hair and make up done professionally. Make up especially needs to be done for the camera which is often a little heavier than you might be used to. Any clients that book a maternity session with me will have access to my preffered hair and make up vendors.

5. Your partner/husband

Now you may find this comical but I definitely recommend preparing your other half for the photo shoot. Often guys are not sure what to expect or even know they are to be included in the session. I tell them to bring a pair of jeans and two shirts/sweaters that would compliment the dresses that you pick out. I also joke that the husband will be my assistant during the maternity session, especially when it comes to throwing fabric in the air. So tell him to work on his fabric tossing skills as they will most likely be required during the shoot.

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What to bring to your newborn photoshoot

 Top 5 things to bring to your newborn photoshoot.

1. Receiving blankets

I always ask my clients to bring at least four or five receiving blankets to their newborn photoshoot. I like to use the blankets to keep baby cosy and covered while I’m posing. I find that if a blanket has a scent from home on it that baby is more likely to settle into a pose if they are covered with the blanket while I’m adjusting them. I also use the blankets to clean up any baby messes instead of using a cold wipe that could disturb them from sleeping.

2. Pacifier

I know most clients don’t like to give their newborn a soother but I find it can help settle a baby into a pose even if they suck on it for a few seconds. A pacifier can make or break a session and if your baby just needs a little help to settle, then a soother will greatly help as apposed to us having to pass baby back to mum to soothe. It will immensely help during the newborn photoshoot so I highly advise bringing one. Even if you throw it out at the end of the session. I find these avent newborn pacifiers are great to use

3. Extra bottles of milk

If you are bottle feeding whether it be pumped breastmilk or formula I do recommend bringing an extra bottle or two incase it’s needed. I do ask that my clients feed their baby right before they leave to come to the newborn photoshoot but sometimes baby may need a top up half way through. This can be a tricky one if you are exclusively breastfeeding but if you are open to using a pumped bottle during the session I highly recommend it.

4. Wipes and diapers

I feel like this is a given, but I have had clients show up for a session without these items before. So I do remind clients to please bring extra wipes and diapers with you so that your baby gets to leave the photoshoot in a fresh, clean diaper.

5. Spare change of clothes for Mum and Dad

Most of my clients want to include family photos towards the end of their session. I do provide suggestions on wardrobe, however it’s better not to arrive at the studio already dressed just incase baby has a little accident on you during a feeding break or cuddle break. If during the family portion of the session, your baby decides that that would be the perfect time to let everything out on, you really don’t want to be driving home with a poop stained shirt on. So an extra shirt and even pants is recommended to bring.

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How to prepare for your newborn session

Before you arrive to your newborn photography session it is important to follow the prep guide your photographer has provided to you. The prep guide helps ensure a successful newborn session with your precious new baby.

About 45 mins to an hour before you leave your house, try to keep baby awake and alert as best you can via stimulation & playtime (baths work great). Let your baby fall asleep in the car on the way to the studio. Should baby still be awake when you arrive then we will get you to give him/her a top-up should they need it. Ensure baby has a VERY full belly for the session. It is advised to try to feed baby about 20 – 30 mins before you leave the house so that we don’t have to spend time feeding when you arrive. 

If you are bottle feeding, please bring extra bottles of formula and/or pumped breast milk to help fill up baby faster and get them into a sound sleep. If breast feeding, please try to avoid eating the following foods 24 hours prior to the session as it may upset baby’s tummy: Spicy or gassy food (such as broccoli, beans etc), heavy dairy, caffeine & chocolate. If your baby has a tendency to be gassy then please bring gripe water or oval drops with you as it will help settle their stomach especially for poses that require putting them on their tummies.

Dress baby in ONLY a button or zip up sleeper (no onesies underneath) so that it is easier to undress them without disturbing them from sleep. Avoid putting hats on them for the car ride as it can create creases on their forehead which can be hard to edit out.

It is advised to bring the following to your session: Extra bottles, wipes, 5 receiving blankets, gripe water/oval drops (if your baby is gassy) and a soother (very important). Even if your baby hasn’t taken a soother, it is still a good idea to bring one as this could make or break your session. The goal is to help keep baby happy and calm during your session and is only used if assistance is needed to capture certain poses and won’t create any habit forming behaviour.

We know this may be a lot to ask of you to do before the session but in order to ensure your baby stays asleep and calm during the session it is best to follow the prep guide as best you can. If you ever have any questions about how to prep your newborn don’t hesitate to reach out to your photographer.


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Maternity Photography Vancouver

When to book a Maternity photography session?

I always tell my clients to book their maternity photography session as soon as they are out of the first trimester. As most maternity photographers get fairly booked up months in advance you don’t want to leave it until the last minute. Especially as these sessions are time sensitive and must be done before your baby is born, obviously.

I recommend scheduling the maternity photography session between 30 – 34 weeks of pregnancy. At this time your baby bump should be nice and round, yet not too big that you are feeling uncomfortable. Maternity photoshoots can either be done in the studio or outdoors, weather depending of course.

If you wait too late into your pregnancy to book your maternity photography session, you run the risk of potentially missing the shoot if you end up giving birth early. You also don’t want to feel discomfort during your session so the closer to the 30 week mark the better.

Maternity photoshoots can be as intimate or as conserative as you want them to be. Some clients believe that I have to bare all in their session which is not true at all. If you want to keep your beautiful baby bump covered with beautiful maternity gowns and not show any skin then we can certainly do that.

Once you have made the decision to book a maternity photography session, be sure to contact your photographer as soon as you can to get the optimal date between 30 – 34 weeks along.



When to book a newborn photoshoot

One of the most frequently asked questions that clients ask, is when how far in advance should they book their newborn photoshoot. As newborn photographers tend to get booked up months in advance, I tell people to book as soon as they are out of their first trimester and feeling great. Ideally you should already have a confirmed due date that can be reserved in the photographer’s schedule. Then once your baby is born, the date for the newborn photoshoot can be confirmed.

As newborn photoshoots becomes more popular, the demand for newborn photographers increases and in order to get booked in with the more experienced and established photographers, you will need to book early. Having said that, I do still take last minute bookings should my schedule allow it. But to guarantee a spot in your favourite photographers schedule, be sure to contact them as soon as you are in the ‘safe zone’ during your pregnancy. If you prefer to wait until you have had your 20 week ultrasound, that is ok to, but be prepared for limited availability.

If getting newborn photos didn’t cross your mind until after that fact, then don’t despair as there is always someone that might be able to get you in. Often photographers have other photographer friends they can refer out to and vice versa so be prepared to have to hunt around to find the perfect person to photograph your beautiful newborn baby. To find out further information on booking your newborn photoshoot head here:

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Newborn session photography Vancouver

Newborn session photography Vancouver – Back in the day, new parents would take their brand new baby to the local department store’s portrait studio as newborn session photography wasn’t a thing. It’s only in the past ten years that this new way of capturing your little one has taken off. Now I know that newborn photos are not for everyone, especially the posed, studio kind. But there is something about creating art with your precious baby that just resonates with a lot of parents.

Newborn session photography typically lasts around 3 hours as we want to take our time with your new baby which I know sounds a little daunting, but we want to ensure we don’t rush through anything so we can create the perfect portraits for you. If your baby arrives fully fed and fast asleep then I love to start with those cute little naked poses first while they are settled. I have a workflow of beautiful newborn poses that I go through and if your baby doesn’t like something they will let me know. Should your baby become unsettled at anytime during the session, then we take a break for feeding and extra cuddles. I always say that your baby is the ‘boss’ of the session as they will dictate the flow of things. After all of the naked poses are done I will move onto wrapping your baby in unique ways and capturing them in some timeless photography props specially picked for your baby in mind.

Should your newborn arrive unsettled and not happy with the naked posing then I do have a backup workflow which involved swaddling your baby into a beautiful cocoon that most often calms them down to sleep. I know some parents don’t love the look of the wrapped shots but as I said before, the baby is the boss and if they don’t want to pose for me naked then wrapping them up is the next best thing.

I always encourage siblings and parents to be in some of the pictures towards the end of the session. Family photos are so important and shouldn’t be left out no matter how tired you are feeling. So those are always an option to include in your newborn session should you wish.

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