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Daycare Vancouver

Daycare Vancouver

When you are looking for daycare in Vancouver you want to make sure that the facility provides more than simply babysitting services. At CEFA we offer high quality comprehensive programs that give young children a strong foundation for lifelong learning. Our curriculum includes all of the core subjects as well as enhanced learning that is taught through fun activities and hands-on experiences.

Enriched Curriculum

The CEFA educational method is a proprietary curriculum that was created using the best international practices and incorporating the latest research in behavior and developmental science and psychology. We use a modern combination of the core subjects of reading, math and more and include fine arts such as drama and yoga.

At our daycare in Vancouver we encourage young children to learn through experiment and play. Our teachers enjoy providing kids with the tools they need to grow and develop and will help them build on their interests. Children of all ages begin to learn the fundamentals of the core subjects so they can master the skills they need at an early age.

The CEFA literacy program is the ideal way to start children on a lifelong journey of reading. Good reading skills will help kids academically and throughout their entire lives. We know that early learning of languages can stimulate a child’s cognitive abilities and helps them process information such as memory, speech and sensory perception.

Children are introduced to basic vocabulary through specially developed games and songs and utilizing props that will assist in the learning process while still making it fun for kids. Our early education reading program teaches children to read phonetically as well as through the development of seven essential components.

Reading helps to improve brain development in children and at the same time offers a way to learn and grow academically. Our daycare in Vancouver also includes a writing program as part of the curriculum. Young children begin to develop the motor skills they need through games, drawing and other sensory experiences.

Choosing Daycare in Vancouver

Our CEFA daycare in Vancouver is a highly developed program that is designed to enrich children’s lives. Our programs are designed for children ages one through five. The program not only prepares them for school but also for life. We provide daily experiences that are fun and interactive so children enjoy learning. They love our programs and are inspired to learn and grow.

Our programs begin in September and end in August with enrollment in the spring. If space permits, children may be enrolled at other times of the year. Gradual entry is recommended and will assist children in making the transition to CEFA easier. Our teachers work with parents to prepare gradual entry programs that are best suited to the individual child’s needs.

Our excellent programs are the ideal way to start your child off to a life of learning and exploration. It provides all of the basics that will enrich their childhood experiences and help them develop into fully rounded individuals. Contact us today to learn more and to submit an application.

Daycare Vancouver
Daycare Vancouver
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