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Baby Photographer Vancouver

Newborn Photography

Welcome to the cherished world of newborn photography, where every tiny finger and sleepy smile is immortalized through our lens at Charlotte Gamache Photography. With over 13 years of experience and more than 2500 newborns captured, we've refined the art of photographing these precious early days. Our studio in Maple Ridge, nestled in the heart of Vancouver, is designed to provide a warm, tranquil setting, perfect for your infant's first photo session. It's recommended to schedule within the first 2 to 3 weeks of birth, ensuring we capture the essence of their newborn beauty.

Maternity Photo Shoots

The journey to motherhood is a profound transformation and deserves to be celebrated. Maternity photo shoots are not just about capturing the bump; it's about capturing the emotion, anticipation, and beauty of expectant mothers. Scheduled between 29 to 34 weeks of pregnancy, our photo sessions can happen either in our professionally equipped studio in Maple Ridge or amidst the stunning landscapes throughout the Lower Mainland. These sessions will help you remember and treasure this unique time in your life.

Baby Portraits

As your baby grows, capturing those fleeting moments becomes even more important. Baby portraits at Charlotte Gamache Photography are crafted to highlight the innocent beauty and various milestones of your baby's first year. From a charming smile to the first steps, we ensure these priceless memories are preserved forever.

Family Photography

The essence of family photography lies in capturing the love, bonds, and unique dynamics of your family. Our sessions are relaxed and guided, ensuring natural interactions and genuine smiles. Whether in our studio or a beautiful outdoor setting in Vancouver, we aim to create timeless images that reflect your family's spirit and love.

Professional Photographer

Charlotte Gamache is not just a photographer; she's a storyteller, a keeper of your precious memories. With a keen eye for detail, a gentle approach especially with newborns and infants, and the capacity to capture the unguarded, fleeting moments, Charlotte stands out as a top baby photographer in Vancouver. Her professionalism, combined with her talent, ensures that every photograph exceeds expectations.

Child Photography

Children grow and change in the blink of an eye. Our child photography sessions are designed to capture the essence of their personalities in this moment. Whether it's a toothless grin or a pensive glance, we create a fun and comfortable environment for your child, allowing their true self to shine through.

Infant Photo Sessions

Our infant photo sessions focus on capturing the delicate details of your little one in their earliest stages. These sessions are crafted with the utmost care and patience, understanding the unique needs of infants. We create a warm and safe environment, ensuring the comfort of both the parents and their newborn.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography at Charlotte Gamache Photography is all about capturing the essence of your family's everyday life. This style of photography is candid, genuine, and full of emotion, showcasing the natural interactions among family members. It's a beautiful way to document your life story as it unfolds.

Photography Services

  • Maternity Sessions: Celebrate the journey of pregnancy with a professional photo shoot.
  • Newborn Photography: Capture the fleeting moments of your newborn's first days.
  • Baby Portraits: Document the milestones of your baby's growth with beautiful portraits.
  • Family Photography: Preserve the essence of your family's love and bond through timeless photographs.
  • Child Photography: Let your child's personality shine in a fun and relaxed photo session.
  • Lifestyle Photography: Document the real, unposed moments of your family's life.

At Charlotte Gamache Photography, we are not just photographing sessions; we are preserving your family's legacy. With a passion for capturing the beauty of motherhood, the innocence of newborns, and the warmth of family bonds, we invite you to experience the art of photography with us. Let us tell your unique story through our lens, creating memories that will be cherished for generations to come.

To begin your photography journey with us, please reach out via our contact information available on the website. Subscribe to our VIP list for exclusive promotions, discounts, and the latest news. Charlotte Gamache Photography - where professionalism, quality, and artistry come together to celebrate the beginning of new life and the beautiful journey of motherhood.

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