Congratulations on your pregnancy, I look forward to capturing this special
time in your life. Please find below information regarding your upcoming outdoor maternity session.

The maternity session typically lasts about an hour and is scheduled in the evening about an hour before sunset during the ‘golden hour’ to ensure you receive beautiful light for your session. Please plan for this if you are bringing children to the session by ensuring they have a later nap as well as bringing lots of snacks to keep them happy.

In the event of rain or dark grey skies, the session will be re-scheduled. I allow asession to be re-scheduled 3 times before deciding to move it into the studio should the weather not be cooperative.

As some of the locations have uneven ground and possible overgrown grass please wear appropriate footwear so that you are comfortable (heels are not ideal). I will bring a blanket for you to sit on for any sit down shots during the session.

Please also bring bug spray as the bugs often come out late in the evening especially in the warmer months.

There will be time for 3-4 outfit changes. I have a variety of maternity dresses that you are welcome to choose from for your session. You can see most of the dresses on my Instagram page in my highlights section at the top. You can screen shot the ones you like and send them to me so I can ensure they are steamed and ready to go for your session. Please kindly wear nude coloured seamless underwear and a nude bra (ideally strapless or one that we can pull the straps down on if needed). Please note that it is hard for me to edit out underwear or bra lines. Please avoid wearing spanx as these will show through the dresses.

For your partner please have him wear jeans or Khaki pants and bring two shirts that compliment the colours of your outfits (please no shorts or baseball caps). For boys have them wear the similar colours as dad (with a second shirt to change into) and for girls please have them wear jeans/pants and a nice top (no animation or writing on the top please) and bring a dress for their second outfit.

As this is a professional photo shoot that you are investing in, I do recommend getting your hair and make-up professionally done so that is stands out in the images. Please ensure that your make-up artist is
flexible should we need to re-schedule the session due to bad weather.

As we will be outdoors, please note there is no where to change outfits so it’s advised to bring something you wrap around yourself have your partner/husband hold up to shield privacy for changing such as a large blanket or sheet.

I kindly ask that you don’t send me images from Pinterest or other photographers to copy or for ‘inspiration’. I would hope that you have hired me based on my creative vision and that you trust in me toproduce gorgeous images for you. Please allow me to make your session unique and beautiful without having to reference another person’s work.

The remaining payment is due at the time of your maternity session and can be e-transfer (please refer to invoice on how to pay.)

Your images will be ready about three weeks from the session date. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me prior to your scheduled maternity session. I look forward to meeting you.