The Charlotte Gamache Academy


With over 14 years of photography experience in the industry, I teach educational workshops for fellow newborn photographers, and I offer private one-on-one photography mentoring to photographers across the globe.

Whether you’re in your first year of business or looking to enhance your craft, my small-group, one-day workshops will teach you everything you need to know to take your skills to the next level. You’ll learn how to find a creative workflow for your shoots, how to safely pose newborns with or without props, how to edit with Adobe Photoshop, and more.


Upcoming Newborn Workshops


Delve into advanced techniques, explore creative props and setups, and learn how to capture those precious, fleeting moments with precision and artistry. Explore the full list of available workshops for 2024 by visiting the store below and secure your spot today!

Charlotte’s Newborn Academy


Looking to learn online? ‘The Ultimate Newborn Photography Course’ will be launching in May 2024. Get on the email list to receive further information for when it will be released.

Private Mentoring


Looking for a more hands on experience with a one to one or two to one mentoring?