newborn photoshoot in vancouver with baby boy

Written by Charlotte Gamache

Newborn Photoshoot in Vancouver

Wondering when to schedule your newborn photoshoot in Vancouver? I have had clients call me as soon as they have pee’d on a stick. Just joking of course, well maybe not entirely (I did have one client call me one time saying she suspected she was pregnant before even testing to make sure I have availability). As newborn photographers tend to only reserve 8-10 due dates a month, we can get booked up pretty quickly.

So what I recommend is as soon as you find out you are pregnant and know that you want to book a newborn photoshoot in Vancouver, start researching into the newborn photographers you would like to work with. Then as soon as you are into your second trimester, reach out to the one you would like to book with. You can also wait until you have had your 20 week ultrasound just to make sure everything is looking great with your baby.

If you are still on the fence about a newborn photoshoot or you are one of those people that is a little supersticious, you can certainly wait until your baby is born, but just know that some baby photographers get very booked up and may not be able to squeeze you in last minute. The best age for newborn photos is ideally within the first 3 weeks of birth while your little one is still small and flexible.

Newborn photoshoot in Vancouver

newborn photoshoot in vancouver with baby boy

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