newborn photography workshops

 With over 11 years of experience in the industry, Charlotte offers in-person newborn photography workshops in her Vancouver studio and around the world as well as private one to one newborn mentoring. Small group workshops are one full day and will cover everything you need to know about newborn photography, whether you are in your first year of business or looking to enhance your existing skills. Charlotte will teach you everything from session workflow, styling, setting up your studio, prepping clients before they arrive, newborn posing on the table and in props, composition and finding the best angles to shoot at, lighting, soothing techniques for a fussy baby and much much more. She show you how to use studio lighting and where to place it to achieve perfect skin tones and shadows in and out of the camera. Photoshop editing is also covered in all workshops and private mentoring. To find out more please see the links below.

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Looking for a more hands on experience with a one to one or two to one mentoring? You can find the info here:

Charlotte Gamache is also the creator and educator of Charlotte’s Newborn Academy, the ultimate newborn photography online platform full of educational video content from newborn posing, lighting, editing and more. For further info head to the website

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