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Vancouver maternity clinics | Finding the right one for your pregnancy

Congratulations, you are expecting a baby. This is such an exciting time for you and your family. Finding the best care is especially important to ensure a smooth and comforting pregnancy. For expectant mothers in Vancouver, this city offers a wide range of Vancouver maternity clinics dedicated to providing comprehensive support during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum. In this blog post, we will explore some of the top Vancouver maternity clinics, known for their outstanding medical expertise, compassionate care, and commitment to nurturing both mothers and their babies. So let’s take a look as some of the best Vancouver maternity clinics that might be right for you and your family.

St. Paul’s Maternity Clinic

This clinic is probably the most well known in the area. They are a team of family doctors who are passionate about providing maternity care for new mothers. They specialize in low and moderate risk prenatal, delivery, and postpartum support, offering care which is based on patient values and up-to-date medical evidence. Located right inside St Paul’s Hospital, their physicians come from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences but have been united by a shared philosophy of care. St. Paul’s Maternity Clinic accept referrals directly from patients, as well as from physicians and midwives. For further information head to their website http://www.stpaulsmaternity.ca/

Vancouver maternity clinics that are perfect for your pregnancy care

Eighth Avenue Family & Maternity Clinic

The all female, experienced staff at 8th Avenue maternity clinic provide pregnancy, birth and newborn care which is great if you are wanting to continue care into your post-partum journey. They look after single people and families of all varieties and value holistic person-centred care. The staff is committed to being available when you need it with providing after hour calls and same day emergency appointments. Their clinic can be found right in Vancouver on 8th avenue close to the Vancouver General Hospital. For more information on what this Vancouver maternity clinic can offer, you can head to their website here: https://888docs.ca/

Family Practice Maternity Service

The Family Practice Maternity service is a a group of Doctors who are passionate about providing maternity care. They provide care during pregnancy, birth the hospital stay after the birth and post-partum care up to 6 weeks following. Once you find out you are expecting, you can contact the clinic yourself or ask your family doctor for a referral. FPMS offers different types of programs for pregnancy care and will work with you to find the best suited program. If you think Family Practice Maternity service might be a right fit for you and you would like to contact them, you can head to their website here: https://birthdocs.ca/

South Community Birth Program

The South Community Birth Program was established in October 2003 to pilot a unique maternity care program situated in the South Community area of Vancouver, British Columbia. They are made up of a team of family physicians, registered midwives, nurses and doulas working together to offer you complete care during your pregnancy, labour and the birth of your baby, and postpartum care up to six weeks. Pregnant people can self-refer to the SCBP and do not need a doctors referral. The program is open to all pregnant people living in Vancouver. BC. If you would like to learn more about the program, please do not hesitate to call or email them through their website https://www.scbp.ca/

It is so important you choose the right care for your pregnancy journey and finding the one of the best Vancouver maternity clinics will help with that. If you are thinking about documenting this special time in your life with a pregnancy photoshoot, then why not reach out to me. I’m a Vancouver maternity & newborn photographer with a beautiful professional studio located in Maple Ridge. Feel free to head to my homepage for more info

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